GRL @ Esch/Alzette

Doing the final touch

Doing the final touch

Blinkybugs was the topic of today’s workshop at Esch/Alzette.



Preparing the hardware


Adjusting, adjusting…

Together with youngsters, GRL Luxembourg helped them create their own bug.


We’ll be back tomorrow for some more LEDArt…

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ASBL founding meeting

February 8, 2013

Following members attended the meeting :

  • GUTH Jan
  • HOFFMANN Michel
  • KESSELER Georges
  • TEUSCH Marc

All members were elected unanimously to be part of the organizational committee. Charges within the committee were distributed as follows :

  • TEUSCH Marc: president
  • HOFFMANN Michel : vice-president
  • KESSELER Georges : secretary
  • GUTH Jan : treasurer

The member fee was unanimously decided to be 120,00€ per whole year, payable on a yearly base. The committee withholds itself a certain flexibility to request the yearly fees from their members.

Next projects will include the commune of Esch/Alzette, where we will be featuring a lazortag workshop on “Vokanz doheem” during Summer 2013. More details will follow.

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ASBL Founded

On February 8, 2013, the Graffiti Research Lab finally became its proper non-profit organization (ASBL). The founding members created this association in order to be more visible to local authorities and to seek new opportunities.

At this moment, we want to thank our sponsors, syn2cat, who helped us become mature and evolve in an awesome environment. We’re looking forward to common projects in the future.

Should you want to join GRL, please mail us for more info.

GRL official logo

The new GRL logo

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JeuDiscovery @CarréRotondes

During a callout for graffiti artists to redecorate the Carré Rotondes, GRL got an invitation to feature present the LAZORTag for the occasion.
Several artists were interested and tagged the CR’s wall with our LAZORTag equipment.


Tagging carré rotonde's wall


The tagging shall return on march 15, 22, 29 and april 1st 2012 at the same place!

Thanks for all who helped out!



Setting up...



Throwiebeer 🙂 (not to be mistaken for throwbeer)



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Welcome to our new blog

After some technical difficulties, we’re back in 2012 with a brand new blog.


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